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Sister Claire Joy visits March 1

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Sister Claire Joy of the Community of the Holy Spirit will be at St. John’s on the afternoon of Sunday, March 1. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to talk with a gifted spiritual director for comfort, guidance or counsel. More information about her visit will be forthcoming as final arrangements for her tour of the Diocese of Wyoming are made final.

Many people are unaware that there are monastic orders, monks and nuns, in the Episcopal Church. Many people, Episcopalian and non-Episcopalians alike, think that women’s ordination in the Episcopal church makes women’s monastic orders obsolete. But The Community of the Holy Spirit in New York is a thriving, eco-spiritual center where women are invited to follow Christ by intentionally living out of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience within the structure of a modified Augustinian Rule.

Women who are entering convents are older than their counterparts of 40 or more years ago. They have more life experience including careers, marriages, children and grandchildren. They are also computer literate and are creating blogs to share their experience of spiritual life. To read more about Sister Claire Joy’s life, visit her blog.

Annual Meeting

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The Annual Meeting of St. John’s will take place on Sunday, January 25, following the 10:30 am service. A hearty luncheon will be provided, so come and enjoy fellowship as elections and discussion of the year-that-was is discussed with plans for the future.

Holy Baptism at St. John’s

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Baptism at St. John’s from Justine Larsen on Vimeo.

Saints Alive!

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In the New Testament, the word “saints” is used to describe the entire membership of the Christian community — including you and me. In the Collect for All Saints’ Day the word “elect” is used in a similar sense.

From very early times, however, the word “saint” came to be applied to persons of heroic sanctity, whose deeds were recalled with gratitude by later generations. All Saints’ Day, then, was originally a commemoration of the martyrs of the ancient church — the men, women, and children who were persecuted and killed for their faith in Christ. It has since become a festival on which the church remembers all the Christian faithful, both known and unknown.

All Saints’ Day is classed in the Book of Common Prayer as a Principal Feast, taking precedence over any other day or observance. It may be observed on the following Sunday, and is one of the four days recommended for the administration of Holy Baptism.

The festival of saints is also known as All Hallows or Hallowmas (“hallows” means “saints,” and “mas” means “Mass.” Halloween precedes this feast by one day, and is so named because it is “The Eve of All Hallows.”

As has become our custom at St. John’s, we will again welcome voices from the past into our service on November 2. Several saints will briefly give witness to their lives as followers of Christ as part of our All Saints’ Day feast.

Gifts Discernment

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As a shared ministry community, one of our bedrock values is the belief that we are part of the body, with Christ at its head; each of has gifts, varied and specific, which move together in harmony to be the church, to serve the world in God’s name. We also believe that God doesn’t call you to a task or ministry without also giving you corresponding gifts.

But how does one know what those gifts might be? Indeed, how does one hear God’s voice calling you to a ministry?

The process of discovering God’s will is know as spiritual discernment. On November 16, you will have an opportunity to explore yourself, your gifts and your calling at a workshop in the undercroft at 1:00 p.m. to 4:00. Please join us for a an afternoon of fun, and practical spiritual examination.

With Ears to Hear

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Megan Nickles will be brushing up her preaching skills at a workshop in Washington, D.C. at the Cathedral College of Preachers. The experience was generously funded by the Diocesan Commission on Ministry, which provided for two-thirds of the total expenses associated with the trip.

The weeklong conference, “The Art of the Homily” will be taught by The Reverend Dr. Herbert O’Drisscoll. O’Driscoll is a popular writer on spirituality, a pilgrimage leader and preacher, and is a former Warden of the College of Preachers who has served Anglican churches in Canada. He is a native of Ireland. The Conference is an exploration of the creative dynamics of sermon preparation and embodiment; participants will develop and exercise their preaching skills with a superb teacher and master preacher as their guide. For almost 80 years, Cathedral College has served as the pre-eminent center of continuing education dedicated to strengthening and sustaining those called to ministries of proclamation.

As part of the COM’s granting process, a small group of congregants from St. John’s will meet with Megan to review the experience and establish goals for putting the experience into practice. The Commission’s Continuing Education Grants are funded from the 1% assessment every church in the diocese pays; the grants are available to anyone who wishes to deepen their education. For more information, contact Ed Wetzel.

Godly Play at St. John’s

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Godly Play at St. John’s Episcopal Church from Justine Larsen on Vimeo.

Godly Play

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Godly Play teaches children the art of using religious language – parable, sacred story, silence and liturgical action. Developed by author, teacher and Episcopal priest, Jerome W. Berryman, Godly Play is deeply spiritual and highly creative. Designed for children aged two to twelve, Godly Play has been classroom tested since 1972.
Last spring, Hannah Wells, Warren Freuland, and Jane Woods attended a Godly Play workshop in Cody.  An introduction to Godly Play will be given during the regular church service on Sunday, September 14, and beginning Sunday, September 21st, children will be invited to the undercroft to participate in Godly Play after the Gospel reading.
Questions may be directed to Jane Woods.

Coming Together, Becoming More

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There are two formation programs scheduled for this fall. The first is Connect?, a six-week exploration of what it can mean to connect to a Eucharistic community. The focus of Connect? is on the Eucharist to help us to make sense of our experience of worship. This group is open to everyone and will most beneficial for newcomers to our congregation. Classes begin September 17 at 7 p.m. We will meet weekly for two hours at Megan Nickles’ home. No outside preparation or reading is necessary. For an overview of this course, go here.
Beginning October 29, a group will form for another video series from Mary Kassian, Vertically Inclined: Climbing Higher with God. This seven-week course challenges individuals to ascend “summits” in their lives. Set in the Canadian Rockies, the author presents a unique understanding of the difficulties and dangers that await on any journey—and offers insights on how that parallels our spiritual path. Along the way, participants will be challenged to develop an increased loyalty to Christ and his work; to examine their values and renew their determination; and to enjoy God more. Please contact Megan Nickles if you wish to participate.

Come Celebrate!

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St. John’s is 99 years old! We will celebrate with all the usual trappings of a birthday party: presents, food, cake, flowers, and singing. We will also mark the occasion with the opportunity to get to know how we work together as a worshipping community. You will have a chance to talk to folks representing the five areas of ministry: outreach, nurture, worship, administration and formation (education). You will also have the chance to learn how we are organized, and who is in charge of what. The party is September 14 following the service. Please bring something for the carry-in lunch and something from the wish list posted in the undercroft.