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Lenten Concert Series Begins Its Seventh Year At St. John’s

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Charlie’s Birthday

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Charlie Larsen will celebrate his 4th birthday on February 7… but we’ll have cake and ice cream on the 8th after Sunday’s service. Come down and wish the li’l stinker a happy birthday!
Charlie Popeye

Sister Claire Joy visits March 1

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Sister Claire Joy of the Community of the Holy Spirit will be at St. John’s on the afternoon of Sunday, March 1. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to talk with a gifted spiritual director for comfort, guidance or counsel. More information about her visit will be forthcoming as final arrangements for her tour of the Diocese of Wyoming are made final.

Many people are unaware that there are monastic orders, monks and nuns, in the Episcopal Church. Many people, Episcopalian and non-Episcopalians alike, think that women’s ordination in the Episcopal church makes women’s monastic orders obsolete. But The Community of the Holy Spirit in New York is a thriving, eco-spiritual center where women are invited to follow Christ by intentionally living out of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience within the structure of a modified Augustinian Rule.

Women who are entering convents are older than their counterparts of 40 or more years ago. They have more life experience including careers, marriages, children and grandchildren. They are also computer literate and are creating blogs to share their experience of spiritual life. To read more about Sister Claire Joy’s life, visit her blog.

Nursing Home Birthday Party

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Augusta serves cake and ice cream to a nursing home resident during the January birthday party hosted by St. Johns on January 12th, 2009.

Augusta serves cake and ice cream to a nursing home resident during the January birthday party hosted by St. John's on January 12th, 2009.

Holy Baptism at St. John’s

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Baptism at St. John’s from Justine Larsen on Vimeo.

Sunday, Dec 6 – Jonah, the Prophet

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Jonah by Augusta

Young girl’s artwork done in response to the story of Jonah.

The Gates are Open

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All are welcome. That’s what the sign says out front; that is, in fact what the Episcopal Church is all about. I hope this website format will be an extension of that hospitality.

As beautiful and informative as our newletter is, it has its limitations. Its publishing cycle precludes events or information that come up after it is printed, and as always, it is confined by space. Further, it is confined by the perspective of the people who compile it. It seems no matter how we try, something is left out.

This seems a good solution, and a way to keep information fluid and to bring more voices to our news.

Hope to see you online. And in church.